Society tells us that birth is something to be afraid of. People share horrific birth stories, the media presents it as a life or death, emergency situation, there’s a sense of one-upmanship about how bad your labour was. But the truth is that birth doesn’t have to be like this.

baby feet

Your Birth Hypnobirthing provides Hypnobirthing classes across North London, teaching breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as helping to change your perception of birth and dismiss any associated fears. Reaching a state of fear-free relaxation allows your body to do what it’s made to do. Just as your arm muscles can lift and pull, and your leg muscles can walk, your uterine muscles can birth.

KG Hypnobirthing ClassesAs Your Birth Hypnobirthing follows the KG Hypnobirthing programme it is a full ante-natal course and you will also be provided with information on all of the birth choices available to you, equipping you with the knowledge to make decisions about your pregnancy and labour and enabling you to have the best birth for you.